Blockchain-Enabled Provenance In Digital Photography

Breaking down the barriers of exclusivity in the art space.

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Here's what we'll cover today:

  • Blockchain-enabled provenance in digital photography

  • Pelle Cass photography brings stunning visuals to the NFT scene

Blockchain-Enabled Provenance In Digital Photography

Blockchain and NFTs have certainly brought many benefits to the digital art space. These include the record of origin, ownership, sales history - and last but not least - the on-chain provenance which determines the artwork's value. For example, limited 1/1 NFTs.

If we look back at the traditional art world and its history - it has always positioned itself around exclusive clubs of rich collectors with status. In most cases, the valuation of art is determined by these select few high-level individuals. They have the power to propel unknown artists to new heights but the unique work of art from these artists is always hidden from the public eye. This puts the valuation of art entirely in the hands of the collectors.

Provenance in the Web3 space has become a social experience, with its visibility adding lore and influencing value - Oliver Scialdone.

In the crypto art space, provenance is visible to all, allowing the community to influence value through bids and endorsements. This amplified visibility creates a platform for digital artists to gain recognition and success from prominent collectors and other established artists.

What makes it special the most is the community aspect. Unlike the traditional art space, everyone has the opportunity to contribute and become a collector.

Pelle Cass Photography Brings Stunning Visuals to the NFT Scene

The NFT art scene has several advantages, one of which is how it fosters innovation while providing artists with a platform to present their work.

Take Pelle Cass - a globally-recognized photography artist who has made a recent appearance on Fellowship, an exclusive NFT photography platform.

The "multiples" of diverse objects and ideas are a defining feature of Pelle's photography. It has already shown a lot of popularity in the Web3 space and brought in a significant amount of sales.

This project illustrates the importance of creativity and innovation - the building blocks that carry the overall NFT photography space.

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