NFT Photography Review: January 2023

A summary of the first month of the year for NFT photography.

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  • NFT Photography Review: January 2023

  • New article about the impact of provenance on art value in the Web3 space

  • Rach Stewart talks about her journey to NFT photography

Our favorite digital art analyst Tim Salikhov published his monthly review on the NFT photography market, breaking down the top-performing artists, collections, and sales.

Here are the main takeaways:

  • Photography sales have increased by 116% in two months, reaching $2 million.

  • NFTs from artists like Guido Di Salle, Dimitri Cherniak, and Justin Aversano accounted for 50% of total sales.

  • The top-performing collection was Kristopher Shinn's "By Way of Water" which increased by 3X.

  • Laurent Castellani was the breakout artist, with his 1/1 art reaching a new all-time high of 10 ETH ($15,000), up from 2 ETH ($3,000) in November.

  • Editions (multiple copies of the same artwork) are starting to take on the role of currency and accrue value.

  • Guido Di Salle's editions became the 3rd largest photography collection in less than a year.

  • 2022 was a difficult year for collectors with over 90% of collections losing value, but there are exceptions like "By Way of Water".

You can read the full article here

If you followed us for the past couple of weeks, you know that we've been talking a lot about blockchain-enabled provenance and the value it can bring to the digital art space.

We believe it's an important topic that needs to be understood by the general public. For this reason, we wrote a blog piece about the impact provenance has on art value in the web3/NFT space and how it differs from the traditional art space.

You can read the article on our blog.

Sloika - a curated NFT photography marketplace and community - has recently published an interview with Rach Stewart. She talked about her journey to professional photography, including the benefits of being an early adopter of emerging technologies such as NFTs.

Rach Stewart is a professional landscape photographer from New Zealand known for her long-exposure landscape photography. She has worked with brands such as Air New Zealand, American Express, and Canon New Zealand. Stewart's work has been published in magazines such as National Geographic, National Geographic Travel, and the Daily Mail. Rach is also a part of the Concurrence Collective, the first collective on Sloika.

You can check out the interview here

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