Photography Review: February 2023

Find out what's in store for NFT photography moving forward.

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  • Photography Review: February 2023

  • FOCUS Blog: Post-Photography In the Light of AI: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Technology

  • TylersJourney: Building a collector community through strategic releases of multiple seasons and scenes of burn-to-redeem NFTs

Last week, Tim Salikhov, our favorite digital art analyst - published another monthly review of the NFT photography space.

In February, five artists made up 72% of total photography trading volumes, at the highest concentration seen in the past year. Despite this, their work has not retained value over the start of the year.

Several other artists, such as Dave Krugman, Ayla El-Moussa, and Kristopher Shinn - have been significantly successful, with the Shinn’s collection appreciating by 5X since December. Justin Aversano and Drift have also made some buzz, trading $800,000 on their collections, while Ayla El-Moussa put out new series that sold out in minutes.

Here are some other takeaways:

  • Digital art is sitting out the market rally thanks to recent token airdrops from BLUR.

  • Demand for AI art goes parabolic

  • Challenging artist royalties is eroding the core ethos of digital art

  • Digital art making its way to the mainstream

AI-generated ultra-realistic photograph

Art and technology have been intersecting for centuries, producing innovative creations that challenge our way of thinking and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Photography is no exception.

The medium has undergone significant changes, from the use of daguerreotypes and wet plates to digital cameras and smartphones. However, the core principle of photography remains the same - capturing real-life moments in different shapes and forms, but the question is for how long? has published an interview with an artist TylersJourney where he talked about his early adoption of photography NFTs, allowing him to develop strong ties with prominent collectors.

By leveraging his experience in the gamified crypto space, Tyler uses open & burn-to-redeem editions, extending his collector base to global fans as he embarks on a journey of night cityscapes and rooftops.


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